Why call it TDE?

TDE stands for TOS Desktop Environment, this is because TDE is mainly developed for the TOS distribution. More information can be found on their website

Common issues

My screens are not configured correctly

Underlying TDEmakes use of autorandr to safe the screen state

If your screen doesn't work or behaves incorrectly try to verify that your autorandr config is correct:

autorandr --config

If that isn't the case you can issue xrandr command, or use graphical interfaces such as arandr to fix these screens.

Turning of a weird artifact:

xrandr --output DP2 --off


How to autostart applications?

All executable shell scripts and desktop files in ~/.config/tos/autostart get ran on startup. If you want to launch an application put it there.

If the directory doesn't exist yet you can create it.



With the default config, you can cycle through window layouts by pressing "mod4+space" ("mod4+shift+space" to go back) or clicking the layout button in the lower left corner of the screen.

How to restart or quit TDE?

You can use the keybinding "Mod4+Ctrl+r" or by selecting restart in the menu. You could call awesome.restart either from the Lua prompt widget, or via tde-client:

$ tde-client 'awesome.restart()'

You can also send the SIGHUP signal to the TDE process. Find the PID using ps, pgrep or use pkill:

$ pkill -HUP tde

You can quit TDE by using "Mod4+Shift+q" keybinding or by selecting quit in the menu. You could call awesome.quit either from the Lua prompt widget, or by passing it to tde-client.

$ echo 'awesome.quit()' | tde-client

You can also send the SIGINT signal to the TDE process. Find the PID using ps, pgrep or use pkill:

$ pkill -INT tde

Where are logs, error messages or something?

Logs can be found in the ~/.cache/tde/ directory. Currently we store 2 files stdout.log stores all debug messages on stdout and error.log stores all error messages (Both stderr and internal error messages)

Can I have a client or the system tray on multiple screens at once?

No. This is an X11 limitation and there is no sane way to work around it.


How to report bugs?

First, test the development version to check if your bug is still there. If the bug is an unexpected behavior, please explain what you expected instead. If the bug is a segmentation fault, please include a full backtrace (use gdb).

In any case, please try to explain how to reproduce it.

Please report any issues you may find on our bugtracker.

Do you accept patches and enhancements?

Yes, we do. You can submit pull requests on the github repository. Please read the contributing guide for any coding, documentation or patch guidelines.

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