DRAFT TDE framework version 1.0 changes DRAFT

Short disclaimer

This draft is not a final version of what will be introduced in the next patch, but merely a sugestion of what can be added


  • [] Package manager agnostic Allow the package updater to use other package managers that strictly pacman
  • [] Translations Support common languages such as: French, Spanish, Chinees


  • TDE should support other packaging formats that only pacman's, eg debian and rpm

Patch Notes

Patch 0.7

New Features

* Desktop files in ~/.config/tos/autostart get launched as well on startup

Bug Fixes

* Numerous bug fixes

Dev Notes

* stderr messages get written to error.log

Patch 0.6

New Features

* Multi Monitor detection * Translations * Error logging * Settings application * Bluetooth connectivity settings * Network connectivity settings * Wallpaper picker * User pictures * Overhaul of the notification widgets

Bug Fixes

* Fixed numerous bugs

Dev Notes

* Unit Testing * Integration Testing * Widget hot reloader * lib-widget * Improved lib-tde

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