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TOS is an operating system developed by Tom Meyers The idea has been created because of one main reason. Installing arch always took a lot of time. After you installed it and had all software installed you spend an entire day of work. TOS aims to provide all benefits of arch but with next to no time spent preparing everything. The project is very similar to Manjaro however they solve this problem a bit different. The TOS repo’s follow Arch very strictly while Manjaro does not.

TOS GNU/Linux is an operating system designed to be lightweight yet modern. This operating system is designed to be Rolling Release It supports most hardware and can run on low end systems while still retaining all functionality.

These types of operating systems get updates very fast. This means you will always have the latest versions of you software. The drawback is that you need to update frequently (you can still choose when) and that there is a small change something breaks

Default applications/features

TOS uses the awesome window manager by default combined with sddm as the display manager. The default user shell is zsh combined with oh-my-zsh for a better user experience. We also install firefox-developer-edition and visual-studio-code-insiders to make your browsing and editing more pleasant. tlp is installed by default to consume less energy the normal linux installations. We also detect things like ssd trim support to extend the live of your ssd’s and support amd-ucode and intel-ucode for near instant zero day cpu bug fixes. All other default features compare to the default settings of Arch Linux with a boost of the tos configuration.

You have to know our logo/mascot

We also call him(or her) Archion as a tribute to Arch GNU/Linux the Operating System that TOS is build on top of.

Below is some information to help you get started!

Getting Started

End users


Thank for looking into TOS


Tom Meyers

Work Process


Research and Plan

We take the time too research and plan on how to manage and change the arch linux world so that our product help the people trying to use it.


Design and Develop

Even developers like nice UI/UX so we take the time to build products that have nice interfaces.



Our live ISO’s are a representation of the finished install. They contain every piece of software needed. This makes installation that much easier compaired to arch. We even have custom installer scripts build just for you

My Team

Tom Meyers

Developer, designer and maintainer